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I Had The Privilege Of Attending An Event Put On By The...

I had the privilege of attending an event put on by the Hillel/Jewish Student Organization. The event took place on the campus of Central Michigan University January 27th, 2016, in Pearce Hall. The official name of this event was: â€Å"Holocaust Survivor Martin Lowenberg at Central Michigan University†, and it featured Mr. Martin Lowenberg himself as the presenter. Martin Lowenberg is 87 years old and is from Schenklengsfeld, Germany. He lived in Schenklengsfeld until his 8th birthday, when he was accused of sticking his tongue out at a picture of Adolf Hitler and was forced to sit on a board of nails as a punishment. After this incident, Martin, along with his other family members, decided to send him to a boarding school in Bad Nauheim, Germany so Martin could continue on with his education. After two years at the school, Martin and his family were forced to leave their home and move to Fulda Germany and live in apartments with the rest of the Jews from his town. One day w hile attending school, a rock went flying through the window and injured some of Martin’s fellow classmates. His teacher told the kids to run away and go home, the city was in flames. A few hours later German Nazi officers came up the stairs of Martin’s family’s apartment and told the family to come with them. They were taken to a ghetto in Riga Germany. Then, after living there for a few short months, the family was separated and taken to various concentration camps located all throughout Germany.Show MoreRelatedI Had The Privilege Of Attending An Event Put On By The Hillel / Jewish Student Organization1415 Words   |  6 PagesHolocaust Event I had the privilege of attending an event put on by the Hillel/Jewish Student Organization. The event took place on the campus of Central Michigan University January 27th, 2016, in Pearce Hall. The official name of this event was: â€Å"Holocaust Survivor Martin Lowenberg at Central Michigan University†, and it featured Mr. Martin Lowenberg himself as the presenter. Martin Lowenberg is 87 years old and is from Schenklengsfeld, Germany. He lived in Schenklengsfeld until his 8th birthday

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The Global Production Network ( Gpn ) Of Coffee - 1443 Words

The 21st century has seen several companies cross international borders to look for new markets to conduct their business and increase shareholders’ return. The process was fuelled by opening of borders and advancement in transport mode and technology in the 21st century. The situation has complicated the attempts to fully understand the process of global production. However, the research and different literatures in the recent past have given customers and scholar a good read on forms of labour which go into producing the product or service, and how this work is globally distributed (Coe, Dicken and Hess 2008, p.274). The development has made customers to strongly know what they want and what they consume. Therefore, this essay will analyze the Global Production Network (GPN) of coffee and discuss who benefits most from the structure of this GPN. In the analysis, the essay will focus on three different aspects. First, the paper will analyze various forms of labour that go int o creating the product and how is this work globally distributed. The essay will also analyze how the value is captured at each stage of production distributed along the network. Lastly, the essay will focus on the institutional arrangements that explain the structure of this GPN. Global Production Network is a set of inter-organizational networks that are linked together in which a specific commodity is produced (Dickson, 2015). A global production network extends across national boundaries and

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Literature Review Globalization and Competition - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 5 Words: 1467 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Economics Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? LITERATURE REVIEW Commonly, promoting focuses on your wants of the owner, advertising and marketing within the needs of the buyer (customer). The intention of business is usually to acquire as well as hold a buyer. Or maybe, to make use of Andrew Drucker`s much more refined building to generate as well as hold a buyer. (Through item differentiation as well as cost competition) Intercontinental advertising and marketing entails your advertising and marketing of merchandise as well as companies beyond the organization`s house land. International advertising and marketing is a sophisticated type of overseas advertising and marketing which engages a lending broker inside advertising and marketing functions in many countries. Worldwide advertising and marketing means advertising and marketing activities synchronized as well as included across a number of areas. Technological innovation as well as globalization shapes the earth. The 1st allows ascertain man tastes; y our second, fiscal realities. Standardized consumer items, reduced price as well as technological innovation usually are tips regarding prosperous globalization. Your globalization of areas is at hands. With this, your international professional globe nears its stop, and so may your international business. Your world`s desires and needs are already irrevocably homogenized (market needs). This particular makes your international business outdated and the world wide business overall. No one can be risk-free via worldwide get to and the irresistible companies of level (reduction of prices as well as prices) as well as setting. Your international as well as worldwide business wont be the same thing. Your international business runs in a lot of countries as well as tunes it’s items as well as practices inside every single on substantial comparable prices. Worldwide advertising and marketing could be the technique of putting attention a good organization`s means within the collecti on as well as exploitation of worldwide industry chances consistent with as well as loyal of its quick as well as long-term ideal targets as well as targets. With this paper, my partner and I tried to analyze your techniques a firm competes inside worldwide surroundings by applying diverse practices. Individual’s practices change in many ways a company’s functionality as well as enthusiasm let. A corporation should be careful inside applying these practices prior to globalizing its functions. Simply because often these practices might crash as well as end in loss of benefit or even possibly closure of the business. I suggest helping audience for getting more information with this issue. For example, they might call the corporation, under secretariat of Overseas Deal, best Chambers of Commerce or even every other public or even personal corporation positioned in Egypt or even in another country. They will might also utilize any kind of stockpile or even web means. (Akka ya, 2005) Inside the area of overseas advertising and marketing, your question on the degree of standardization or even version possesses entertained a large component of beyond research. The issue, nevertheless extensively reviewed, hasnt been tired yet, given that, in-depth statistical examination as well as way of measuring of the comparable bodyweight of components affecting your decision will still be necessary to boost each of our knowledge on it. This particular study makes a substantial step toward removing that space and provides an important supplement both to help theoretical understanding and managerial programs on the subject. Vignali as well as Vrontis (1999) reveal until this question initiated since 1961, any time Elinder (1961) thought to be this with respect to worldwide marketing. In that period of time, marketing and the desire for overseas standardization ended up being in the centre of your question (Kanso as well as Kitchens, 2004). Intercontinental marketi ng standardization can have necessitated a standard marketing strategy regarding promotional advertisements of international enterprises. This particular question subsequently expanded via marketing to the promotional blend and today involves the complete advertising and marketing blend (Schultz as well as Kitchens, 2000; Kanso as well as Kitchens, 2004; Kitchens as well as de Pelsmacker, 2004). Remarkably, nearly 50 percent a hundred years later on, your question upon standardizing advertising and marketing internationally, can be constant (Vrontis as well as Kitchens, 2005). Even a cursory overview of your literary works pinpoints a couple of primary approaches together with amazing endurance, that is, version as well as standardization of overseas advertising and marketing practices. Ryans(2003) claim that in the last forty five decades there is a substantial expansion of school study in your community of overseas advertising and marketing standardization. During this era, scient ists applied much more superior statistical strategy. Furthermore, they explain which fiscal as well as aggressive situation have modified over that time period. Before, fiscal progress ended up being concentrated within the excessive of exports over imports. Organizations had been concentrated purely upon reducing expense as well as raising exports. However, as a result of improvements inside fiscal situation, firms understood which expense minimization by you can be inadequate. By means of changing, firms grew to become much more consumer oriented and more superior approaches had been made as well as given to ascertain as well as satisfy consumers’ needs. Fans of standardization considered areas because more and more homogeneous as well as worldwide inside setting as well as level as well as presumed the essential regarding your survival as well as expansion is a multinational’s ability to standardize merchandise as well as companies (Fatt, 1967; Buzzell, 1968; Levit t, 1983; Yip, 1996). Fans of standardization stipulate which customers needs; desires as well as demands tend not to vary significantly across areas or even nations around the world. The general conceptual disagreement can be the globe has grown more and more similar inside words of environmentally friendly components as well as consumer demands as well as no matter physical spots, customers develop the identical demands. For example, Levitt (1983) in a very landmark papers, suggested which standardization of the advertising and marketing blend and the design of an sole strategy for your worldwide industry, gives companies of level inside output as well as advertising and marketing as well as furthermore can be consistent with precisely what he or she termed your â€Å"mobile consumer†. Conversely, promoters of version like Kashani (1989) reveal problems inside by using a standard strategy and as a consequence assistance industry tailoring as well as version to fit your †Å"unique dimensions† of diverse overseas areas (Thrassou as well as Vrontis, 2006). More especially, supporters of the overseas Version University of Thought argue there are insurmountable variances concerning countries and also concerning locations in the identical land (Papavassiliou as well as Stathakopoulos, 1997). It is suggested which marketers usually are governed by numerous macro-environmental components, like climate, battle, topography, vocations, flavor, legislation, culture, technological innovation as well as modern society (Czinkota as well as Ronkainen, 1998). Paliwoda as well as Thomas (1999) broaden that number to include consumer preferences, disposable cash flow, taxation, nationalism, community work prices, literacy as well as numbers of education and learning. Fans with this university stipulate which international corporations need to find out how to change his or her marketing strategy as well as practices (marketing blend elements) in order to match in dustry demands. Each colleges of thought inside by themselves seem to be reasonable, logical as well as coherent, showcasing associate programs as well as benefits which a international business may attain by applying either strategy. It is only if 1 focuses on your excessive placement of either which they often times grow to be not practical as well as incoherent. Advertising and marketing reality regarding multinationals will not rest inside either of the a couple of polarized positions, because both operations may very well coexist, possibly within the identical business, manufacturer product line, or even manufacturer (Kitchen, 2003; Vrontis, 2003; Soufani et al., 2006).These particular papers swells upon present function on the subject to analyze your sophisticated interrelationship of assorted components concerned for the adoption of the couple of approaches (adaptation as well as standardization). This brings useful insights into your level as well as character with this conn ection as well as pinpoints sensible problems in relation to overseas advertising and marketing practices. Specially, that paper investigates your approaches used inside the greatest one thousand UK-based multinationals in terms of diverse industry accessibility procedures. â€Å"Multinationals† in the context with this study mean corporations which in turn are already running inside or even transferring to help unusual areas on the amount of no less than a few decades. Your appearance with this study stems from its superior statistical modeling strategy, which in turn corroborates beyond study via much more in-depth statistical examination; as well as via its results, that are fitted with shown the advertising and marketing good reasons yanking toward version or even standardization tend not to have the identical degree of relevance inside tactical conduct (marketing blend design). Furthermore, the analysis isolates these kinds of in â€Å"significant† as well as â₠¬Å"peripheral† versions as well as contains results in prescriptive results as well as managerial implication. (Vrontis, 2009) Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Literature Review: Globalization and Competition" essay for you Create order

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Womens Role in the Maintenance of the Industries Assignment

Essays on Women's Role in the Maintenance of the Industries Assignment The paper "Women's Role in the Maintenance of the Industries" is a wonderful example of an assignment on history. According to Thomas Dublin, the changes in the textile mills which included reduction of wages and an increase in the pace of work made women reconsider protest as the only way of saving themselves from oppression. This is evidenced by their involvement in strikes between 1834 and 1836 which quested to protest against wage cuts. Between 1843 and 1848, the women protested against the long working hours in the mills; they campaigned towards ensuring the working hours have been reduced (Richter 11).   The North and South varied in diverse ways. For instance, it is evident that the number of middle-class people was greater in the North than in the South. It is also evident that the North majored in industrialization as well as small farming whereas the South was agriculturists who relied entirely on the labor offered by slaves (Lasser and Robertson 343). Additionally, education was highly valued in the North than in the South; the majority of the Northerners were literate. These variations were among the reasons that made slavery to be highly practiced in the South than in the North. Additionally, these variations enhanced the reduction of manual labor (slavery) as well as labor costs in the North. It is also evident that literacy enhanced change of oppressive working conditions in the North. In the South, where slavery was highly practiced, black women worked on not only mines but also cotton farms as tillers. Unlike black women, white women participated in home chores as housewi ves (Smith 6). Additionally, it is evident that some white women were barred by their husbands from doing domestic works at the cost of the blacks. Unlike white women in the South, the majority of the white women in the North played a very significant role in the maintenance of the industries.

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Chapter 32~33 Free Essays

Thirty-two Catfish and Estelle â€Å"That was a good guitar,† Catfish said. He had his arms around Estelle, who had pressed her face to his chest when the monster attacked Winston Krauss. â€Å"I didn’t realize,† Estelle said. We will write a custom essay sample on The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Chapter 32~33 or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"I didn’t think it would do that.† Catfish stroked her hair. â€Å"That was a good car too. That car never broke.† Estelle pushed Catfish away and looked in his eyes. â€Å"You knew, didn’t you?† â€Å"What I knew is that boy wanted to get up close to a sea monster and that’s what he got. Case you didn’t notice, he was happy when it happened.† â€Å"What now?† â€Å"I think we ought to get you home, girl. You got some paintings gonna come out of this.† â€Å"Home? Are you coming with me?† â€Å"I ain’t got no car to go anywhere. I guess I am.† â€Å"You’re going to stay? You’re not afraid of losing the Blues and getting content?† Catfish grinned, and there was that gold tooth with the eighth note cut in it, glistening in the morning sunshine. â€Å"Dragon done ate my car, my guitar, my amp – girl, I got me enough Blues to last a good long time. I’m thinkin I’ll write me some new songs while you makin your paintings.† â€Å"I’d like that,† Estelle said. â€Å"I’d like to paint the Blues.† â€Å"Long as you don’t go cuttin your ear off like old Vincent. A man finds a one-eared woman stone unattractive.† Estelle pulled him tight. â€Å"I’ll do my best.† â€Å"Course, there was a woman I knowed down Memphis way, name of Sally, had only one leg. Called her One Leg Sally†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"I don’t want to hear it.† â€Å"What you wanna hear?† â€Å"I want to hear the door closing behind us, the fire crackling in the stove, and the teakettle just coming to a whistle while my lovin man picks out ‘Walkin’ Man’s Blues’ on a National steel guitar.† â€Å"You easy,† Catfish said. â€Å"I thought you liked that,† she said, and she took his spidery hand in hers and led him up over the bluff to find a ride home. Theo and Molly Theo had never felt quite so overwhelmed in his entire life. He sensed that the excitement and the danger of it all was over, but he still felt as if a beast every bit as intimidating as the one that had just sunk into the sea was looming over him. He didn’t know if he had a job, or for that matter a home, since his cabin had been part of his pay. He didn’t even have his bong collection and victory garden to crawl into. He was confused and horrified by what had just happened, but not relieved that it was over. He stood there, not ten feet from where Molly Michon was standing in the surf, and he had no idea what the rest of his life had to offer him. â€Å"Hey,† he called. â€Å"You okay?† He watched her nod without turning around. The waves were breaking in front of her and foam and sea-weed was splashing up over her thighs, yet she stood there solid, staring out to sea. â€Å"You going to be okay?† Without turning, she said, â€Å"I haven’t been okay for years. Ask anybody.† â€Å"Matter of opinion. I think you’re okay.† Now she looked over her shoulder at him, her hair in a tangle from the wind, tear tracks down her face. â€Å"Really?† â€Å"I’m a huge fan.† â€Å"You had never heard of my movies until you came to my trailer, had you?† â€Å"Nope. I’m a huge fan, though.† She turned and walked out of the surf toward him, and a smile was breaking there on her face. A smile with too much history to it, but a smile nonetheless. â€Å"The narrator says you did good,† she said. â€Å"The narrator?† Theo found himself smiling too, as close to crying as he had come since his father had died, but smiling nonetheless. â€Å"Yeah, it’s this voice I hear when I don’t take my meds for a while. He’s kind of a prick, but he’s got a better sense of judgment than I do.† She was right there in front of him now – looking up at him, a hand on her hip, a challenge in that movie-star smile – looking more like Kendra the Warrior Babe than she ever had in the posters, the five-inch-long scar standing glorious over her left breast, seawater and grime streaking her body, a look in her eyes that comes from watching your future get nuked – repeatedly. She took his breath away. â€Å"Do you think the three of us could go out to dinner sometime?† â€Å"I’m on the rebound, you know?† His heart sank. â€Å"I understand.† She walked around him and started up the bluff. He followed her, understanding for the first time how the pilgrims had felt following the Sea Beast to the cave. â€Å"I didn’t say no,† Molly said. â€Å"I just thought you ought to know. The narrator is warning me not to talk about my ex over dinner.† His heart soared. â€Å"I think a lot of people are going to be talking about your ex.† â€Å"You’re not intimidated?† â€Å"Of course. But not by him.† â€Å"The narrator says it’s a bad idea. Says the two of us put together might make one good loser.† â€Å"Wow, he is a prick.† â€Å"I’ll get some meds from Dr. Val and he’ll go away.† â€Å"You’re sure that’s good idea?† â€Å"Yeah,† she said, turning back to him again before climbing up to where the pilgrims waited. â€Å"I’d like to be alone with you.† Skinner What the man in the driver’s seat didn’t seem to understand was that as far as this Mercedes was concerned, Skinner was the alpha male. The man smelled of fear and anger and aggression, as well as gunpowder and sweat, and Skinner didn’t like him from the moment he got into the car: Skinner’s new mobile territory. So Skinner had to show him, and he did so in the traditional way, by clamping his jaws over the Challenger’s throat and waiting for him to take a submissive posture. The man had struggled and even hit Skinner, but hadn’t said bad-dog, bad-dog, so Skinner just growled and tightened his jaws until he tasted blood and the man was still. Skinner was still waiting for the Challenger to submit when the Tall Guy opened the car door. â€Å"Good dog, Skinner. Good dog,† Theo said. â€Å"Get this fucking animal off me,† the Challenger said. Skinner wagged his tail and tightened his jaws until the Challenger made a gurgling sound. The Tall Guy scratched his ears and put some metal on the Challenger’s paws. â€Å"Let go now, Skinner,† the Tall Guy said. â€Å"I’ve got him.† Skinner let go and licked Theo’s face before the constable dragged the sheriff out onto the ground and stood on the back of his neck with one foot. The Tall Guy tasted like lizard spit. That was strange. Skinner considered it a moment, then his doggie attention span ran out and he bounded out of the car to go see what the Food Guy was doing in the back of the truck. The Tall Guy’s female was breaking out the back window of the truck with a metal stick. Skinner barked at her, trying to tell her not to hurt the Food Guy. Good Guys â€Å"Is the creature still there?† Gabe asked Molly as he climbed out of the back of the Suburban. Skinner was frisking and jumping on him, and with the handcuffs he couldn’t ward off the damp affection. â€Å"Down, boy. Down.† â€Å"No, he’s gone,† Molly said as she helped Val and Howard out of the Suburban. She nodded to Val. â€Å"Hi, Doc. I think I’ve had an episode or something. You’ll have to debrief me in session or something.† Valerie Riordan nodded. â€Å"I’ll check my calendar.† Theo came around the back of the Mercedes. â€Å"You guys okay?† â€Å"You have your key?† Gabe asked, turning his back to Theo to show the handcuffs. â€Å"We heard shots,† Val said. â€Å"Did†¦?† â€Å"One of the SWAT team is dead. Burton shot him. A few of your patients are scraped and bruised, but they’ll be okay. Winston Krauss was eaten.† â€Å"Eaten?† The color ran out of Val’s face. â€Å"Long story, Val,† Theo said. â€Å"Mavis set it all up after you guys left. Catfish and Estelle came in and drew the monster out. Winston was sort of the bait.† â€Å"Oh my god!† Val said. â€Å"She said something about my not being in trouble.† Theo held his finger to his lips to shush her, then nodded to where Sheriff Burton lay on the ground. â€Å"It never happened, Val. None of it. I don’t know a thing.† He spun her around and unlocked her handcuffs. Then did the same for Gabe and Howard. The gaunt restaurateur seemed more morose than usual. â€Å"I had really hoped to lay eyes on the creature.† â€Å"Me too,† said Gabe, putting his arm around Valerie. â€Å"Sorry,† Theo said. To Val he said, â€Å"The reporters from those helicopters are going to be here in a few minutes. If I were you, I’d get out of here.† He handed her the keys to the Mercedes. â€Å"The district attorney is sending a deputy to pick up Burton, so I’m going to stay here. Will you give Molly a ride back into town?† â€Å"Of course,† Val said. â€Å"What are you going to tell the reporters?† â€Å"I don’t know,† Theo said. â€Å"Deny everything, I guess. It depends on what they ask and what they got on tape. Having lived most my life in denial, I may be perfectly suited for dealing with them.† â€Å"I’m sorry I was – I’m sorry I doubted your abilities, Theo.† â€Å"So did I, Val. I’ll call you guys and let you know what’s going on.† Gabe called Skinner and they loaded into the Mercedes, leaving Theo and Molly facing each other. Theo looked at his shoes. â€Å"I guess I’ll be seeing you.† She stretched up and kissed him on the cheek. Then without a word she crawled into the back of the Mercedes with Howard and Skinner and closed the door. Theo watched them back away, then turn and head across the pasture and out of the cattle gate. â€Å"You’re going down with me, Crowe!† Burton screamed from the ground. Theo spotted something shiny lying in the grass near the back of the Suburban and went over to it. It was Molly’s broadsword. He felt a smile breaking out as he picked it up and went over to where Burton was lying. â€Å"You have the right to remain silent,† Theo said. â€Å"I suggest you exercise that right. Immediately.† Theo plunged the sword into the ground half an inch from Burton’s face and watched the sheriff’s eyes go wide. Thirty-three Winter Winter in Pine Cove is a pause, a timeout, an extended coffee break. A slowness comes over the town and people stop their cars in the street to talk with a passing neighbor without worrying about a tourist honking his horn so he can get on with his relaxing vacation (damn it!). Waiters and hotel clerks go to part-time shifts and money slows to a creep. Couples spend their nights at home in front of the fireplace as the smell of rain-washed wood smoke fills the air, and single people resolve to move somewhere where life is a full-time sport. Winter near the shore is cold. The wind kicks up a salty mist and elephant seals come to shore to trumpet and rut and birth their pups. Retired people put sweaters on their lap dogs and drag them down the street on retractable leashes in a nightly parade of doggie humiliation. Surfers don their wetsuits against the chill of storm waves and white sharks adjust their diets to in-clude shrink-wrapped dude-snacks on fiberglass crackers. But the chill is crisp and forgiving and settles in a way so that the town’s collective metab-olism can slow into semihibernation without a shock. At least that’s the way it is most winters. After the coming of the Sea Beast, winter was a juggernaut, a party, an irritation and a windfall. News footage from the helicopters was beamed out over satellites and Pine Cove displaced Roswell, New Mexico, as the number one crackpot travel destination. There wasn’t much on the tapes, just a crowd of people gathered on the shore and the fuzzy image of something large in the water, but with the footprints and the eyewitness accounts, it was enough. Shops filled with cheesy ser-pent souvenirs and H.P.’s Cafe added to the menu a sandwich called the Theosaurus, which was the official scientific name of the Sea Beast (coined by biologist Gabriel Fenton). The hotels filled, the streets congested, and Mavis Sand actually had to hire a second bartender to help serve the im-ported wackos. Estelle Boyet opened her own gallery on Cypress Street where she sold her new series of paintings enigmatically entitled Steve, as well as the new Catfish Jefferson CD entitled The What Do I Do Now That I’m Happy? Blues. As the story of the Sea Beast spread and was sensationalized, interest rose in an obscure B-movie actress named Molly Michon. Discs and videocassettes of the Warrior Babe series were remastered and rereleased to an enthusiastic audience, and the Screen Actors Guild came down on the producers like an avenging accountant angel to capture a piece of the profits for Molly. Valerie Riordan’s practice stabilized as she struck a balance between therapy and medication and she was able to schedule a sabbatical to join her fianc? ¦, Gabe Fenton, on an oceanographic expedition aboard a Scripps vessel to look for evidence of the Theosaurus in the deep trenches off California. After he testified against John Burton, putting him away for life, winter settled on Theophilus Crowe like a warm blessing. In the second month of his recovery, he realized that his addiction to marijuana had been nothing more than a response to boredom. Like the child who whines away a summer day because there’s nothing to do, but makes no effort to actually do anything, Theo had simply lacked the ambition to entertain himself. Sharing his life with Molly solved the problem, and Theo found that although he was often exhausted by the demands of his job and his lover, he was never bored. Molly’s trailer was moved to the edge of the ranch by his cabin. Every morning they shared a hearty breakfast pizza at her place. In the evening, they ate dinner on his cable spool table. She answered his calls while he was at work, and he ran interference with the geeky fans who were rabid enough to seek her out at the ranch. Not a day passed that he did not tell Molly how special she w as to him, and as time passed, the narrator in her head fell silent and never spoke again. There was no winter in the deep submarine trench off California, two miles down. Everything was as it had been: a dark pressurized sameness where the Sea Beast lay by his black smoker, grieving for love lost. He stopped grazing on deep water worms that grew on the rocks and his great body began to waste away under the weight of the water and the years. He had resolved never to move again – to lie there until his great heart stopped and with it the throb of heartbreak – when sensor cells along his flanks picked up a signal. Something he had not felt for half a century, the signature of a creature he thought he would never feel again. He flipped his tail and shook off the crust of loneliness that had settled over him, and that organ buried deep beneath his reptile brain picked up a message coming from the female. Roughly translated, it said, â€Å"Hey, sailor, want to get lucky?† How to cite The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove Chapter 32~33, Essay examples

Compared With The Rest Of Their Competitors In The Stock Market

Question: Discuss About Compared With the Rest of Their Competitors in the Stock Market? Answer: Introducation: Mean return is expected payoff that a security is likely to earn (Baillie, R. T 1990).The actual return may revolve around this return because this is just an expectation i.e it may be lower or higher than the expected. A company that has got higher mean is preferred than the one with the lower mean. This is because a higher mean is an indication that there is a probability that, that particular company shall earn higher returns based on data from previous periods. The mean return for Market, Inception ltd and Retract ltd is $15.7,$1.28 and $0.27.Thus between the two company, Inception limited has a higher return compared to Retract ltd and hence Inception would be highly preferred by prospective investors than its counterpart, However the two company`s returns is very low compared to market return which indicates that the two companies are performing poorly when compared with the rest of their competitors in the stock market. Standard Deviation Standard deviation is used to assess the volatility of the security return. It measure how the security`s returns is likely to deviate from the expected return. The higher the standard deviation of a security the higher the risk i.e the return is likely to vary with a high degree of magnitude from the expected return.The standard deviation for the market is 66%,Inception ltd is 6.67% and that for Retract ltd is 6%.Thus the market return is likely to vary by 66% from the expected return.The return for Inception is likely to vary by 6.67% from the expected return and for Retract is 6%.This means that inception company is riskier than Retract ltd. Coefficient Of Variation Coefficient of variation is the standard deviation divided by its mean, it is a ratio and hence unitless.It is a measure of dispersion of data and therefore describe the amount of variability relative to the mean. Inception ltd has CV of 5.2% and Retract ltd has a CV of 22.2%.This means that Retract ltd security returns are more spread from the mean than that of Inception ltd. Correlation Coefficient Correlation Coefficient shows how individual securities are related to one another. The relation can be positive or negative;. In our case the correlation coefficient between Inception and Retract ltd is 0.005 which indicates a weak positive correlation between the two securities. This means that if one of the security prices increases or decreases the other security price increases and decreases by less than proportion. Standard Deviation of A Portfolio This is the deviation from the expected return of two or more securities held together. As evident from the calculation above the standard deviation of a portfolio is 0.22% .This is lower than that of individual securities e.g. by 6.47% for Inception and 5.8% for Retract ltd. Thus holding a portfolio is by far less risky than holding individual securities. Beta Beta measures the risk of individual security that has been held together in a portfolio. It measures the responsiveness of a security to movement in the market portfolio (Black, F.1993). A beta of 1.5% as for the case of Inception ltd means that for every 1% change in the market, the inception security will likely moves 1.5%.This means that inception security is 1.5 times more volatile than the market. For Retract ltd a beta of 1.7% means that a change in 1% in the market causes the security to change by 1.7%.Thus Retract ltd security is 1.7 times as volatile as the market. References Baillie, R. T., DeGennaro, R. P. 1990. Stock Returns and Volatility. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 25, 203-214 Black, F. (1993). Beta and return. Journal of Portfolio Management, 20, 8-18. R. MacCrimmon, D. A. Wehrung. 1986. Taking Risks: The Management of Uncertainty. New York: Free Press. Pettengill, G., Sundaram, S., Mathur, I. 1995. The Conditional Relation Beta and Returns. Journal of Financial Quantitative Analysis, 30, 101-116. Fama, E. F., MacBeth, J. 1973. Risk, return and equilibrium: Empirical tests. Journal of Political Economy, 81, 607-636

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American Climb free essay sample

The True American Climb There is a difference between an intelligent or knowledgeable student and a â€Å"smart† student. Perseverance. I am the â€Å"smart† student. It’s a Thursday night and the teacher assigned a four page problem set in an AP Physics class. Two students set off to work on their problems. One finishes within two hours—skipping over the questions they couldn’t understand. I am the â€Å"smart† student. The one who spends two hours on one question†¦the one who will work continuously struggling to find the answer. I am the one not worried about what’s going on later that night until the solution is found. I once had a dream. A dream of a climb. With each step, a new level of wisdom was achieved. When climbing this mountain, I had no idea what each step would bring. There were two possibilities: success or struggle. In this dream, with each step, thoughts raced through the brain, wondering if I was going to fall. We will write a custom essay sample on American Climb or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Sweat dripped down my face, as I wondered whether or not to push through the pressure and decisions. I take the step. My weight gave out†¦I’m fell down the mountain, not knowing whether or not survival was possible. The point of decision was reached. As I would in the real life, I survived the knockout blow, and pushed through the only thing stopping me: Myself. Perseverance. How far will I push to get to my goal? How much pain and struggle will I push through to obtain what I desired? It’s not who I say I am that defines me—but my actions which prove it. Perseverance. The actions that define me. The actions that prove I am willing to take that one step without the fear of falling. Because when you fall†¦ there is always a way to climb your way back up the mountain.